DIY Cotton Stems

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram or Pinterest over the past year, you’ve probably seen these dreamy cotton stems all over the place. They are great because they can be used in any season and in many different ways. So I got to thinking and decided to try to make my own using all-natural materials and to my surprise, I like them even better than the store-bought options! 

Chalk Painted Pumpkins

I have been loving all of the fall decor inspiration that features more subtle hues and white accent pieces, but what I don’t love is the price tag that comes with those trendy items. What can I say, I have champagne taste on a beer budget. How I took dollar store pumpkins and turned them into gorgeous shabby chic pumpkins!

Dresser Flip

I wanted to share my latest furniture flipping obsession – spray paint! I’m usually a DIY chalk paint kind of flipper, but I decided to shake things up and give spray paint a try… and I can’t believe the results… all for only $12!