Hello and welcome to Meldrum Made!

My name is Jessica Meldrum, a twenty-something living in West Michigan with my new husband, Cody and our little chunk of a cat, Keiko. We are newlyweds who are living in our first house and DIY’ing our way to our dream home. By day we work fairly traditional jobs, Cody is a medical technologist and I am an adjunct professor in the communications and public relations field. By night, we stumble our way through various home renovation projects, we gain our green thumbs on our acre of farmland, and we love to spend time with friends and family. We are here to share our journey in hopes that it will be a source for others making their way through this crazy life. This is my happy place where I can share our adventures through our fixer upper, DIY projects, love for decor, gardening, and so much more. Thanks for joining us along the way!