Dresser Flip


With only 27 days until fall 2017, we’ve been busy working on cute autumn pieces which is why I have been absent from blogging for the last week or so. So stay tuned for that! For now though, I wanted to share my latest furniture flipping obsession – spray paint! I’m usually a DIY chalk paint kind of flipper, but I decided to shake things up and give spray paint a try… and I can’t believe the results!

After our spray paint flip project - only $12!

Good Bones

I’ll start off by saying that whenever you decide to flip a piece of furniture, it’s really important to make sure the piece is structurally sound. Check that all of the pieces work properly, that it isn’t overly beat up, and that it’s in overall good shape. You don’t want to waste your time and energy flipping a piece of furniture that isn’t going to look good in the end! We got pretty lucky in receiving this hand-me-down piece of furniture from when Cody was a child and it was a great shape. The dresser was just a bit more traditional than we like – including old fashioned, ornate gold handles and oak wood.

Outdated dresser - spray paint project.Dresser "before" spray paint.

Prepare Your Workspace

To begin, I moved the dresser into our garage and placed it on an old tarp. I removed all of the drawers and dusted every nook and cranny. After that, I used an old rag and TSP to remove all of the grease and grim. Once that had dried, I removed all of the handles and set them aside. One tip that I’ve learned along the way is the make sure to save all of the hardware in a safe place so you don’t have to struggle to put it all back together down the road. I usually put all the screws and small pieces into a plastic baggie! Next, I made sure that I had enough paint finish the job – for this project I used two cans of Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Paint and Primer in semi-gloss black and one can of EasyCare Premium Decor Gloss Lacquer Finish. I also had some Rust-oleum Hammered Finish Black paint leftover from a previous project, which I decided to use for the handles.

Say goodbye to brass handles!paint

TSP – All Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner – $9.98
Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra – $3.98 each
EasyCare Premium Decor Gloss Lacquer – $3.59
Rust-oleum Hammered Finish Black – $4.11

Tape and Spray

This project was seriously super simple – I couldn’t believe how fast it was! I started off by taping the inside edges of the dresser to keep it neat. However, I didn’t really think this through because I was going to spray all over and I didn’t account for overspray. So if I’m being completely honest, the inside of this dresser is a nice shade of black as well – but it really doesn’t bother me because who cares what the inside looks like? If this does bother you though, I would suggest taping up paper to block off the entire area. Once my (useless) tape was in place, I started spraying. No real big secrets here, just be sure to shake up the can for at least two minutes before getting started… this really provides quite an arm workout – bonus points! I really take my time while spraying and try to stay consistent with spraying about 10 inches away in short bursts. I also tend to spray in vertical bursts versus horizontal.

Tape prepping our dresser for spray paint.After one coat of spray paint - starting to come together!

Use Your Drying Time

While my first coat was drying, I turned my attention to the handles. Forgive me, but I forgot to capture photos of this phase because I was really in the flipping groove. Basically all I did was spread the handles out on a tarp and I flipped the handle piece upward to cover the underneath side first. After one thin coat of the hammered paint, I let these sit for about an hour to dry. Once they were dry to the touch, I flipped the handles downward to cover the top – this way any imperfections are on the bottom half and not on the more visible top section. I really love how the hammered black still “popped” next to the black dresser. I wasn’t sure how this would work, but I figured it was worth a shot!

Back to the dresser, after the first coat dried I added a second coat again working slowly and meticulously. At this point the dresser looked SO different and with fairly minimal effort. Well, in comparison to brush painting that is. Once both layers were thoroughly dried (a few hours later just to be safe) I started the lacquer phase. This was the first time that I had ever used a spray lacquer and WOW – I loved it! Using the same process as I did with the spray paint, I covered the entire dresser with one can. The lacquer sort of changed the finish to a more matte look which was a pleasant surprise; it really made the piece look more expensive. We let this dry for two full days before replacing the hardware and moving it into our house.

Flippin’ Awesome Results

After our spray paint flip project - only $12!After our spray paint flip project - only $12!after-cu-right

We are really happy with how this came out. It has a really nice smooth feel and still has a bit of shine. I was a little concerned that it would have a strong spray painted smell once it was placed in our second guest bedroom, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it had no smell at all. This dresser flip cost us under $12 since we already had some of the supplies on hand, but if you are buying all of the supplies right off the bat it would run you about $26. Can’t beat that! If you’re looking for a fun piece of furniture to flip – I suggest perusing Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for some great local used furniture options. What do you think about the spray painted results, will you be trying this technique?


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  1. Looks so professional! Thanks for the expert step-by-steps instructions – cannot wait try this!


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