Pallet Accent Wall

Hello! As we continue DIY’ing our way through the Meldrum Homestead, we knew that we wanted to add a pallet accent wall somewhere. We have a bi-level house which has a small set of stairs that leads to a long rectangular room in our basement before reaching our actual basement living area. For several months we left the room totally empty because we could not figure out what to do with the space. It’s sort of an awkward “walk through” space that doesn’t necessarily have a specific purpose. We painted the room a clean grey to match the upstairs area since it was tied into the landing area in the bi-level entry. Finally after months of going back and forth on what to do with the space, we decided to make it a bar room! We are still unsure of the specific bar design that we want, so that will come a bit later – but for now I’m here to share how we spiced up the space with a gorgeous, rustic pallet accent wall… all for under $40!

DIY Pallet Wall Tutorial - project completed for under $40!

Gathering Supplies

We did a bit of research at local hardware stores to get a gauge on pricing and materials. Many stores sell pallet boards in an “as is” condition for anywhere between $4 to $10 per pallet and require that you tear them apart to get the pieces of wood that you want. We were a bit hesitant to go this direction because we weren’t sure how many boards we would accidentally destroy during the process of deconstructing the pallets, so we continued searching and found a local store that specializes in pallets and repurposed wood! WB Pallets offers a variety of products, including individual pieces of pallet wood for about $1.00 a piece – and the best part is they have a machine that rips the pallets apart and keeps the old nails in place. I love the way this gives the pallets a more authentic and extra rustic flare. To begin the installation process, we needed several supplies which are listed below.

Pallet Wood
Air Compressor
Nail Gun & Nails
Tape Measure

Pallet Layout

DIY Pallet Wall Tutorial - Arranging the pallets to plan the design.DIY Pallet Wall Tutorial - Arranging the pallets to plan the design.

We (and by we, I mean mostly Cody – he took over this project and totally crushed it!) began by laying out all of the individual pallet pieces on the floor in front of the wall that we were going to install them onto. When we went to WB Pallets, we chose from their “rustic” section, which offered a variety of colors. This was really awesome because that saved us a step later and gave us the look we wanted right off the bat. Once we had an idea of which pieces were going to go where, Cody began nailing them up!

Angled Cuts & Fitting the Space


The majority of the space was pretty straightforward and consisted of full pallet pieces. However, the area by the stairs required some specific angled cuts. Cody used a basic protractor to get the angles right and a pencil to mark his cuts. The bottom row also needed to be cut to a more slim size – as you can see the top rows fit the area as is, but the bottom row needed to be trimmed down to fit above the baseboard to give it a clean and polished look. Another important element that Cody focused on, was staggering the boards so they didn’t align too perfectly. Basically, you don’t want your ends to align with each other because your eye will catch that right away. Instead, you want to stagger the pieces in an “H” pattern to create a randomized appearance. You can also cut the longer pallets into shorter pieces to use in different areas.

Finished Pallet Wall

DIY Pallet Wall Tutorial - project completed for under $40! Simple decor finished the modern farmhouse look.

I am kind of obsessed with how this wall turned out. I love the variety of pieces and the texture that it brings to the space! The wood warms up the area and really adds drama when walking through this area. We completed the look by hanging two galvanized planters from Magnolia Market ,courtesy of my lovely Aunt Peggy as a bridal shower gift. I filled them with a pop of green leaves as an added natural element. We try to keep our decor to a minimalist vibe to avoid clutter – and these simple frames added the perfect farmhouse touch and featured our sentimental side with photos from our wedding. They also did a great job of hiding the outlets which are kind of an eyesore when it comes to decor. We also added some charcoal grey curtains to our window to polish off the area. Lastly, we finished by hanging this sweet arrow sign that our friends bought as wedding gift along with these cute topiary greens – all from Target.

DIY Pallet Wall Tutorial - project completed for under $40! Rustic pallet pieces add texture and dimension to this space.DIY Pallet Wall Tutorial - project completed for under $40! Simple decor finished the modern farmhouse look.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and it inspires you to take on a pallet project at your home! I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have in the comments – until next time.


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