Decor Details: Guest Room

Hello! I’ve been really looking forward to sharing our guest room decor updates with you all! This room has come a long ways from the old awkward yellow room that was featured in our Bedroom Quick Flip post. We didn’t have a very big budget for this room since it’s something that is going to change in a few years anyway, so I had to get a little creative to make it all come together. We knew that we had to get a bed frame and box spring to get the mattress off of the floor, but let’s be honest that’s not really the most exciting purchase and not really something that I wanted to spend a ton of our budget on. So my frugal mind got to thinking and decided to check out Facebook’s Marketplace to see if anyone was selling something that would get the job done. And low and behold, we found a next-to-new frame and box spring for $10! Sold. One woman’s trash is another’s treasure, right?

Guest Room decor update - featuring a raised bed, antique decor items, peonies, and rustic charming pieces.

Chalk Painted Pieces

I have a slight obsession with chalk paint. The stuff is so versatile and to make it even better, I make my own which allows for a world of color and finish options. What’s not to love? Cody and I were able to re-use the dresser and night stands in this room from what used to be the furniture in our master bedroom. About two years ago we took on the task of chalk painting an old dresser from Cody’s childhood bedroom and bringing it up to date with a new finish. At the same time, we began the search for some night stands to match the style of the dresser. We headed to one of my favorite local antique stores, Changing Thymes, and found just what we were looking for. Sadly at the time, I didn’t capture photos along the way of this process; however I am in the process of chalk painting some furniture for a family member right now so I will be sharing a post on the process very soon! If you haven’t noticed yet, I love the look of antique grey so we decided that these would work perfectly in our guest room and create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Guest room dresser update - featuring chalk painted furniture, upcycled lanterns, and repurposed decorative items.Guest room night stand update - featuring chalk painted furniture, antique books, mason jar vases, and peonies.

Antique Finds

Now that we had the big furniture in place, it was time to begin placing the detailed decor. This is my favorite part, and a time to really have fun and be creative. I had the comforter and bedskirt, which I bought a few years back at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and decided to go with the french farmhouse feel for the rest of the room as well. At this point we were only $10 into this project so I knew I wanted to continue to be frugal so I headed back to Changing Thymes to score some cute antique pieces. I was in search of antique books to stack on each night stand and wanted to keep them all within a coordinating color scheme. After some serious digging, and some time swapping out pricier versions for cheaper options, I walked away with 8 vintage books for $10. I noticed along the way that these books are in high demand right now so it took some patience to find them at a low enough cost.

Guest room decor update - featuring antique books, mason jar vases, and peonies.

Repurpose & Reuse

In addition to the books, I knew that I wanted to add a delicate and romantic touch to the night stands. I knew that I had some leftover peonies from our wedding, which was almost 3 months ago! Time really flies when you’re having fun. Instead of buying new vases, I grabbed a couple of mason jars from our cabinets and quickly painted them with a soft beige chalk paint. Once they dried, I ruffed them up a little with sand paper to give them a softer look and finished them with twine along the top rim. Lastly, I added a cream colored candle to the top of the books on one night stand so that they wouldn’t be too “matchy”. I also had a few lanterns leftover from our head table centerpieces which I wanted to incorporate because I am sentimental like that. I left the flowers from our wedding – peonies, ranunculus, and roses – in there and placed it on top of the dresser as-is alongside of a simple necklace rack and a clean white candle. I think I need more necklaces, but that’s a problem for another day.

Guest room night stand update - featuring chalk painted furniture, antique books, mason jar vases, and peonies.

Rustic Charm

Speaking of leftover wedding decor, I had a bunch of these little black lanterns that I knew I wanted to make into sconces. A bit of pallet wood, walnut stain, and hard-working creativity later, I had these charming hanging lantern sconces to hang on each side of the bed. They were the perfect touch of rustic flare that I was looking for, but I kept debating on what to place in the center above the bed. For awhile I toyed with the idea of a hand-painted sign that would read, “Be Our Guest” or something similar, but instead I landed on a simple chicken wire frame. Usually I opt for making things on my own, but I found this adorable frame for only $12 and decided that I couldn’t pass it up. I dressed it up further by hanging my handmade Natural Pinecone Wreath with a burlap bow to complete the look.

Lantern sconce - hanging lantern, walnut stain, pallet wood - available on Meldrum Made's Etsy store.Lantern sconce and Natural Pinecone Wreath- hanging lantern, walnut stain, pallet wood - available on Meldrum Made's Etsy store.wall-decor

Completed Guest Room

We finished off the room with some simple linen sheer gray curtains from Amazon. I was very happy with these low cost curtains, the set came in at $25 and they are a really nice addition to the room. The linen has a high-quality feel and they hang beautifully. At the end of the day, we finished this room for $57 and couldn’t be happier. Our cat, Keiko has officially taken over the room as her designated napping zone and if she thinks it’s cozy, I take that as a good sign. Here’s a final look at the room!

Guest Room decor update - featuring a raised bed, antique decor items, peonies, and rustic charming pieces.Linen sheer curtains from Amazon finish off the guest room updates.books-peonies-candle

Let me know what you think of the guest room flip! Until next time…


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  1. Laurie says:

    I Love it. Lacey needs a couple of room makeover we will have to get your inspiration especially on the budget you did for yours … That is Perfect

    Liked by 1 person

    1. meldrummade says:

      I would be happy to help out!


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