Front Door Curb Appeal

Hey there! It’s been a minute since my last post, and that’s because I have a tendency to take on more projects than I can handle. All at once. The most recent project that my lovely hubby and I have decided to tackle is our front door. The front door is the first thing that friends and family see when they come to visit, so it deserves to be a nice statement! The previous home owners painted the door the exact same color as the siding – which is fine… but not very exciting. We wanted something that was going to pop without being too dramatic, so we opted for a bit of a change and decided to paint the door a nice grey called eagle feather. As you can see below, our door also featured this really shiny, golden hardware which made our home feel a bit dated.

Beige before door - featuring tape and gold handles.

Paint Goes A Long Way

To get started, I got busy taping off the window and around the edges and Cody helped out by removing the hardware and cleaning it off for me. We decided that instead of dropped a ton of money on a new handle, we would try spray painting it instead. This isn’t a handle which is used very often since we have a side door from our garage, so we figured it wouldn’t take that much of a beating. After doing a bit of paint research, we landed on Rust-oleum’s 2X Ultra Cover which has paint and primer built in.Β I found an old box and an old holiday tablecloth that would work perfectly for a tarp and I headed outside to paint the handles.

At this point, we turned our attention to our storm door. The glass has a gold trim all the way around the entire door, the handle was gold, and there was a solid plate of gold across the bottom. As I said before, I’m not a big fan of gold so we decided that too had to go. Cody and I headed outside with more painter’s tape and a roll of packaging paper to cover to glass and got to work. We wanted to make sure we didn’t accidentally paint any areas of the door that weren’t meant to be painted and we wanted to make sure wind wouldn’t take the paint and cover the siding of our house. It was meticulous work. We also decided to remove the doorbell and paint that too, just for good measure.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Now at this point you may be thinking, “okay you said something about multiple projects and this is only one…”, but hold on a second. We also decided to take on our side door as well. This has been a small pet peeve of mine since we bought the house. The side door off our garage was this awkward buttercup yellow/ beige and driving up to our house it really stood out to me and just didn’t make sense. So we figured while we had all of our painting supplies out, we might as well do that one too.

Two Projects Are Better Than One

Alright guys, so one part of this project that I seriously disliked was the amount of bugs. We had to do some major prep work for this one, and by that I mean Cody had to kill the spiders and help me remove all of the bugs. Once that was done, I taped off the area and got ready to paint. Before painting the door, I spray painted the handles so that they would have longer to dry while I finished the other painting.Β The handle on this door took more of a beating from the elements and the shiny gold was pretty tarnished and was peeling. To ensure that the paint adhered well, we lightly sanded the handles before hitting them with the paint.

gold-handlesDoor handles after spray paint - new shiny finish. Looks brand new!Jessica hard at work painting the side door - featuring the garden "before".

One More Project For Good Measure

After we finished the painting and were waiting for things to dry, Cody showed me the picture above of our garden and he unintentionally planted the seed for one more project. I hadn’t realized that our garden needed a little TLC. It didn’t look bad per say, but there were definitely sparse areas that required some attention. Cody and I spent an hour or so doing the endless task of pulling weeds and then headed out to our favorite local nursery, Countryside Greenhouse.

Choose to See Flowers, Not Weeds

Last year I bought some Michigan Hardy Mums and placed on the front porch in containers. After one of my friends told me to try planting them in the ground at the end of the season, I gave it a shot and they came back bigger – about twice as big in fact – than last year. The only problem was that we didn’t really expect them to come back so we planted them in an obscure place in our backyard. Instead of starting completely from scratch, Cody helped me gently pull the plants (roots and all) from the backyard and transplant them into our side garden. That inspired me to buy several smaller Hardy Mum plants and fill in the space around the edge of our garden. I like the pop of green for the summer months, and I can look forward to the gorgeous fall colors that are right around the corner.

Garden "after" picture - featuring Hardy Mums, Hyacinth, and plenty of unknown bushes.

Curb Appeal Coming Into Focus

After all the gardening, taping, spraying, and painting has come to an end for now, we could really see some major improvements in the outside of our house. Plus, the best part was that we did all of these projects for a relatively low cost. We are two cans of spray paint in, and only about $20 worth of plants and mulch – so I’d say this is a win! Here’s a final look at our completed outdoor projects:

Final front door - fresh grey paint, black door handle, pretty wreath.Final front door - black trim storm door and handle, fresh grey paint, black door handle, pretty wreath.side-garden1

Curb appeal is all in the details – even the smallest change can have such an impact! What do you think?


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