Bedroom Quick Flip


So when I initially started Meldrum Made, I had every intention of taking you back through time to review all of the home projects that we have done over the past year. I still plan on doing that, but I wanted to jump ahead to a quick Monday evening project that we took on yesterday. Here’s the thing, when we moved into our house there was this bright yellow room at the end of the hall across from our bedroom. When I say bright yellow…. I mean imagine school bus yellow, mustard yellow, and maybe caution sign yellow all combined into one very bold color. The room basically glowed throughout the entire hallway.

Meldrum Made Monday evening painting project. From the current shade of school bus yellow, mustard yellow, and caution sign yellow down to a more relaxed creamy grey.
I told you it was BOLD!

The Room HAD To Be Painted

We originally planned on leaving it as is for a couple of years. Cody and I discussed making this room into a nursery one day – calm down future grandparents… we’re not quite there yet! The room had been serving another purpose for the past year; I used it as a storage/craft room for our wedding which I DIY’ed my way through every last detail. So basically we grew accustomed to the room looking pretty bad. However, now that the wedding has come and gone and the room sits fairly empty, we decided it doesn’t make sense to continue letting the “yellow room” as we called it, go untouched.

Gender Neutral Nursery/Guest Room

Like I said before, we know that at some point this room will become a nursery so keeping that in mind we headed out to our local hardware store in search of a nice creamy neutral color that would make sense for either a boy or a girl. I’m not a huge fan of overly themed or the traditional blue or pink rooms, so we landed on a nice cream/grey color – November Rain by Benjamin Moore.

Taping Is the Bane of My Existence

Over the past year, we have learned that we are both REALLY bad at edging. Please do me a favor and don’t look too closely at my ceilings. So now that we’ve learned that fun fact about ourselves, we invest in Frog Tape for every painting project. It’s a bit more expensive than other brands of painters tape – but seriously you guys, this stuff is the best. It doesn’t leak under the edges and it comes off with a sharp, clean line every single time. That said, I hate doing the prep work – so I enlisted the help of hubby, turned on some tunes and got to work.

Painting project before photo - Frog Tape in place to ensure a nice clean line.

Paint Color Makes Such a Difference

After the initial setup and prep work was complete, the actual process of painting went pretty quick. I was in charge of painting the edges, corners, and around the outlets with a paintbrush while Cody handled the roller. He has a slight height advantage on me – so he gets more coverage per roll. We were a bit nervous about the color at first, I always forget that wet paint goes on much lighter than it dries. I can breathe a bit easier now that it is completely dry; it darkened up a bit and it is really calming and dreamy. It’s a nice creamy color that makes much more sense in our home.

Yellow room be gone! Our guest room/future nursery is now a much more relaxed creamy neutral - November Rain by Benjamin Moore.Paint Color: November Rain by Benjamin Moore - Our guest room/future nursery is now a much more relaxed creamy neutral.

Did You Say Shiplap?

Now that we have a pretty color established in the room, we are planning on installing a grey/rustic toned shiplap accent wall. Even though I am in no way ready for a lil babe at this point in my life, I can’t help but dream about the perfect nursery. This time, my vision includes a shiplap wall behind a white crib with metal letters spelling out the name of our future mini Meldrum. But before we get ahead of ourselves, for now it’s going to be a guest room. We are planning on installing the shiplap wall very soon and I will be finishing off the look with a couple of custom wall decor pieces which will also be hitting my Etsy “shelves”.

Paint Color: November Rain by Benjamin Moore - Our guest room/future nursery is now a much more relaxed creamy neutral.

As you can see, it’s a very clean slate right now. We don’t even have a bed frame at this point! The nightstands and the dresser were flipped from Cody’s old childhood bedroom. I used chalk paint and wax to completely change the look. I will be doing a full-blown tutorial on chalk paint in the upcoming weeks – I am taking on a furniture flip project for Cody’s cousin for her actual nursery. So stay tuned for that post! I’ll keep you updated with a follow up post once we finish more of the room – just had to share our latest update!

Do you have any rooms in your home that you just HAD to update? I’d love to hear your experiences as well!


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