Our First Home

On August 5 of last year,

my husband and I got the keys to our very first house. A cute house on a chunk of acreage in West Michigan. We are first time homeowners, so you can imagine how excited we were!


We bought our home after falling in love with the view out of all of the windows and off of the back porch… we look out over a cornfield with a gorgeous tree line behind it. *Swoon*. The first time we walked through the house with our realtor, we even saw a group of wild turkeys roaming around! We were instantly in love.

Seriously, look at this view… how could we resist!?

The inside of our house on the other hand wasn’t necessarily the dream. Don’t get me wrong it had a TON of potential; it was just a bit outdated. We tend to lean towards more of a rustic and minimalist aesthetic and we knew that our new home had great bones for what we were looking for, but we knew there was work that had to be done. That very first day we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. I had a vision in mind – I’ll tell you more about my “vision” later – but I’m sure glad my hubby always tends to go with it! We headed directly to our local hardware store and loaded up on paint, tape, and subway tile. Our first project was to take on the kitchen.

Here’s a quick look at the before – note that these photos were from our original home listing because as soon as we opened that door on day 1, we were too excited to even think about taking photos!




As you can see the space was great, we have plenty of counter space, a fun and unique center island with a gas stove built in, and that open concept floor plan that everyone seems to love these days. Aside from the basic structure, we knew right off the bat that we wanted to paint the cabinets, install a clean subway tile backsplash, and install a new more dramatic flooring.

My next post will take you through the steps that we took to get to our dream kitchen, but for now here’s a look at our after. I will update later with a link to the complete reno post!




Until next time!

— Jess

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  1. PPT Photo says:

    Love your design projects, Jess!


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