Welcome to Meldrum Made!

This is my first time as a blogger, so bear with me. I am a newlywed, twenty-something with an eye for design and a passion for creating unique handmade decor. With the support and ongoing nudging of my friends and family , I have decided to share these passions with the world… so welcome to Meldrum Made – a collection of small pieces of my heart.

Let me begin with who I am. My name is Jessica Meldrum, a wife to my (mostly) willing handyman, Cody Meldrum, a self-proclaimed crafter, and a DIYer with a passion for rustic and repurposed decor. Nearly one year ago we bought our first house, which wasn’t necessarily a “fixer upper,” but it wasn’t necessarily our dream home either. So we took to YouTube, Pinterest, and Google to stumble our way through some renovations and are on our way to creating a space that we are happy to call home.

I captured many reno moments along the way, so I will begin by taking a step back and sharing our journey from old oak cabinets, to subway tile and (lots) of fresh paint. Welcome to our journey and welcome to Meldrum Made!


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