Window Flower Box

Hello! This post is a bit late to the party as we completed this project nearly six months ago – but what can I say, teaching a communications theory course last semester and starting a new job has consumed a bit of my attention for awhile. BUT, I am back and ready to share some…

DIY Cotton Stems

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram or Pinterest over the past year, you’ve probably seen these dreamy cotton stems all over the place. They are great because they can be used in any season and in many different ways. So I got to thinking and decided to try to make my own using all-natural materials and to my surprise, I like them even better than the store-bought options! 

Chalk Painted Pumpkins

I have been loving all of the fall decor inspiration that features more subtle hues and white accent pieces, but what I don’t love is the price tag that comes with those trendy items. What can I say, I have champagne taste on a beer budget. How I took dollar store pumpkins and turned them into gorgeous shabby chic pumpkins!

Dresser Flip

I wanted to share my latest furniture flipping obsession – spray paint! I’m usually a DIY chalk paint kind of flipper, but I decided to shake things up and give spray paint a try… and I can’t believe the results… all for only $12!

Board & Batten Shutters

How we built a set of gorgeous Board and Batten Shutters for our pole barn for under $22 – in less than 5 days! Next up: we’re tackling our home’s front window and adding a flower box.

Pallet Accent Wall

As we continue DIY’ing our way through the Meldrum Homestead, we knew that we wanted to add a pallet accent wall somewhere. I’m here to share how we spiced up the space with a gorgeous, rustic pallet accent wall… all for under $40! 

Bathroom Overhaul

Our main floor bathroom was previously painted a dark brown and had a thick laminate countertop that was a combination of colors including rust, brown, beige, grey, and blue tones. The cabinets were in good shape, but once again were that traditional oak wood that I am not a big fan of. We decided that we would once again divide and conquer, and in only one weekend we flipped the bathroom into a much more inviting and spa-like space.

Decor Details: Guest Room

I’ve been really looking forward to sharing our guest room decor updates with you all! This room has come a long ways from the old awkward yellow room that was featured in our Bedroom Quick Flip post.

Front Door Curb Appeal

The most recent project that my lovely hubby and I have decided to tackle is our front door. The front door is the first thing that friends and family see when they come to visit, so it deserves to be a nice statement!

Bedroom Quick Flip

Meldrum Made took on a quick Monday evening flip. Our dreaded “yellow room” just had to go and now our future guest room/gender neutral nursery features a calm creamy neutral.

Kitchen Renovation Meldrum Style

Words cannot even begin to describe the mess that we made while tearing apart our kitchen. There were cabinet doors scattered across the room, tarps covering the floors, tools everywhere and maybe a wine bottle or two (I’m only human!).

Our First Home

On August 5 of last year, my husband and I got the keys to our very first house. A cute house on a chunk of acreage in West Michigan. We are first time homeowners, so you can imagine how excited we were! We bought our home after falling in love with the view out of…